Kevin Murray / KAMGRAPHICA

I’m a Front End Developer and UI/UX Designer based in Southern California. I work with everyone from large, powerful brands to agile, young startups and everything in between. I am passionate about creating remarkable work and strive to help businesses make their mark.

I love design, code, videogames, the 80s. People say I look like Mr. Incredible.

Here are some of my favorite organizations I’ve also had the privilege to collaborate with.



I specialize in Front End Development and UI/UX Design.

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  • Kevin is uniquely talented in his ability to not just do the work required of him, but to give it a thoughtful review making suggestions to contribute to the project as a whole and essentially, making it better. He is able to easily educate those with little technical background allowing anyone who works with him to feel at ease asking questions and confident that their project goals are going to be met.

    - Jillian McTigue - Marketing and Editorial Director, Entrepreneur Press -

  • Kevin is an expert in his field, which is obvious in his work, but what impresses me the most about him is his exceptional responsiveness, his follow-through, and his ability to efficiently communicate with people in all different industries.

    - Erin Mellinger - Marketing/PR Supervisor at BNI Headquarters -
  • Kevin is dedicated detail-oriented and is always willing to take the additional initiative to complete a project properly and smoothly. Always a positive influence, he’s eager to achieve and has a great impact in a team setting. He will do what it takes, however long it takes, to get a job done and I would recommend him for the great employee that he is.

    - Courtney Olson -Entrepreneur Press Author, Marketing Enthusiast & Startup Evangelist -
  • I’ve had the pleasure working closely with Kevin on many projects that had a role in the tremendous growth in organic traffic for Entrepreneur Media. Some of the things I really admired about Kevin was his work ethic, his ability to manage and finish multiple projects before deadlines, and his ability to find solutions in a timely manner.

    - Jack Nguyen - Director of Marketing at Wild Attire, Inc. -
  • Kevin is a team player and is a pleasure to work with. He is very detail oriented and has a keen eye for great design. What really stands out is how eager he is to deliver great solutions for our clients. Even after a project is complete, he continues to support our team and remains focused on the needs of the client. I would recommend Kevin as a great asset to any team!

    - Paige Lewis - Ad Operations at Phunware, Inc. -
  • I have had the honor of working with Kevin on a wide array of web projects as a web developer. Kevin is a very organized and efficient web designer who takes business requirements to create eye-catching web designs that attract and retain visitors. I appreciate that Kevin tailors his designs to account for functional and technical feasibility.

    - Tuan Nguyen - Developer at Cal Test Electronics -